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You Inrae Heads International Affairs Department

Ms. You Inrae joined the May 18 Memorial Foundation as the Director of the International Affairs Department. She assumed the office last September.

Earlier, she worked at the Foundation as the Acting Director in 2016 and the International Coordinator in 2017.

She holds diverse experiences, varying from being a writer and a translator to a teacher, an educational researcher, and an artist. She has translated 10 Korean novels, various short stories, and plays into English.

Before she joined the Foundation, she also worked as a correspondent based in San Francisco for Korea’s Financial News. In addition, she served as English and a Korean interpreter for a number of international literary events. While living in Japan, the United States, China, and Thailand, she also held individual and group art exhibitions.

Ms. Inrae is a certified teacher in California, Korea and the U.S. and has worked as a teacher in Korea and the U.S. and as an invited education researcher in Japan.

The Foundation family is excited to welcome her back.

Ms. You Inrae

Here is the brief message from the Director to our readers and international networks:
Since its establishment in 1994, the May 18 Memorial Foundation, which now has twenty-four dedicated staff members, has been on the front line to enhance Korea’s democracy, human rights, and peace for the last 24 years.

Every important move towards Korea’s democratization, from the May 18 Democratic Uprising to the Candlelight Revolution in 2016, the May 18 Spirit served as the spiritual foundation. It was the Spirit of Great Unity (Daedong), the spirit of grand alliance that Citizens of Gwangju showed during the ten-day struggle.

They protested with bare hands and with extreme fear against the military government. They armed themselves with the guns from the police stations and protected themselves. During the one week of their self-governance, there was no murder, stealing, or rape case. Not even one. Food was not enough, but they shared. Fear was there but people protected each other.

The International Department aims to spread and share the May 18 Spirit with fellow citizens of the world in order to contribute to its democracy, human rights, and peace. It is a tremendous honor for me to head the International Department and I feel very privileged to be able to serve this remarkable organization.