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Foundation awards 2018 grassroots grants to 9 organizations

The May 18 Memorial Foundation awarded the grants to nine civil society organizations for this year. The nine civil society organizations receiving the 2018 grassroots grant are from Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

The grassroots grant support is the Foundation’s annual program intended to support the civil society organizations to undertake their activities of human rights, democracy, and peace in their respective countries. Every year, the Foundation calls for application and project proposals from civil society organizations.

The recipients of the 2018 grassroots grant program are as follows:
1. SAA:PHU (Education for All), Nepal
2. Jagaran Media Center(JMC), Nepal
3. Human Rights Alert (HRA) Manipur, India
4. Integrated Rural Development Society (IRDS), from India
5. Human Rights and Democratic Development Center (HRDC), Bangladesh
6. Thakurgaon University Implementation Unity Society (Tuius), Bangladesh
7. Sindh Community Foundation (SCF), Pakistan
8. Society for Peace and Sustainable Development (SPSD), Pakistan
9. Yayasan Aliansi Demokrasi untuk Papua/Alliance for Democracy of Papua (AIDP), Indonesia

The grantees will carry out their project activities as per their applications and project proposals submitted to the Foundation. Based on their selection, they later presented about their project proposals at the Grassroots Workshop organized during the 2018 Gwangju Asia Forum.

The May 18 Memorial Foundation reached the partnership with those organizations with a view to implement their projects on human rights, peace and democracy. Through the grassroot grant partnership, the Foundation aims to extend its solidarity with the civil society organizations in order to promote human rights, strengthen democratization, and foster peace in their respective countries.