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The May 18 Democratic Uprising 40th Anniversary Message from ED

Welcoming the 40th Anniversary of May 18 Democratic Uprising

Mr. Jin-Tae Cho, Executive Director of the May 18 Memorial Foundation
This year, we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the May 18 Democratic Uprising which changed the social structure of South Korea. The May 18 has reinvented the way people think about human dignity. As May 18 marks the 40th anniversary, we must brace ourselves to complete our truth-finding endeavor. Yes, it is a time that Korea has to stride towards a more democratic society.

It is also a time for us to raise our voices beyond Gwangju and Korea. I believe transitional justice in Korea, which has been sought after by the people of the May 18, should be a source of solidarity and cooperation for advocating and expanding democracy and human rights across Asia. As many citizens from all over the world supported the citizens in Gwangju in 1980, we, citizens of Gwangju and the May 18 should work together in solidarity with people in Asia and the world. I firmly believe that those who dedicate to securing democracy and universal human rights are source of power to bring changes to this world.