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Call for Global NGO Masters Program(GNMP)

The May 18 Memorial Foundation Is Now Recruiting the Members of the Class of 2022!

About the May 18 Memorial Foundation

The May 18 Memorial Foundation was founded in 1994 with the precious funds from the May 18 victims, Gwangju citizens, overseas Koreans and Korean citizens in Korea in order to continue and develop the democratic spirit and solidarity of the May 18 Democratization Movement. For more information, please visit 

Introduction to Global NGO Masters Program

Global NGO Master‘s Program (GNMP) is fully funded scholarship program. The May 18Memorial Foundation and the May 18 Institute at Chonnam University offer a master’s program for Global NGO activists with a full scholarship. The GNMP welcomes individuals who are passionately engaged with human rights, democracy, and peace and are eager to become professional NGO workers and leaders.

Being launched in 2016 as a theoretical and practical educational platform for NGO activists, the program aims to educate global NGO workers who work in the fields of social enterprises, international relations, social services, and advocacy and volunteer organizations in the world. We encourage anyone with passion to bring positive changes to their societies through human rights activism, democratization, local community development, building solidarity across borders, and humanitarian acts.

The program also aims to share the May 18 Spirit and to expand knowledge about the May 18 Gwangju Democratization Uprising. During the school years students will have an excellent chance to know and trace the May 18 Spirit and the history of the democracy movement in Korea as well. We believe that through NGO workers’ global networking and solidarity across borders a democratic civil society will become a reality.


▶ Having interested in human rights, democracy, and peace
​▶ Holding a BA degree or to be graduated no later than July 31, 2020
​▶ Possessing high English language proficiency in speakiing, writing, and reading
​▶ Should be legally and physically able to study for two years


1. The Foundation will cover;
▶ Round-trip international airfare between his/her home and Korea​
▶ Monthly stipend of 800,000KRW​
▶ Tuitions and room &board​
▶ Alien card application fees

2. The GNMP student will cover;​
▶ Travel costs incurred in his/her own country​
▶ Utilities and personal expenses​
▶ Other optional insurances​
▶ All immigration related expenses


1. Applicants should submit the following documentation:
▶ Complete application form​
▶ A scanned copy of valid passport ​
▶ A copy of BA certificate or its equivalent​
▶ Physical examination report (including TB test results)​
▶ Certificate(s) of activity in human rights issued by related organization​
▶ A letter of recommendation​
▶ Official certificate(s) for English language proficiency

*** The official certificate for English language ability is exempted for applicants who earned a bachelor`s degree in a country where the mother language or official language is English such as India, Philippines, or Singapore

*** All documentation should be submitted either in English or Korean Please send all the documentations listed above with the application form as scanned documents either in PDF format or as WORD attachments via email at

Selection Process

▶ Application Deadline: April 12, 2020 
▶ First Screening Results: April 17 by email​
▶ English Proficiency Interview: April 28 via Skype​
▶ Final Results: April 29 on the Foundation Website and by email


International Affairs Department
The May 18 Memorial Foundation
152 Naebangro Seo-Gu Gwangju, 61965, S. Korea
Phone: +82 62 360 0521/0522
Fax: +82 62 360 0519